Victoria Secret Haul💫🎀

Hey everyone!!! I was just watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and  Adriana Lima stole the show,hands down!She was absolutely stunning!I was excited to watch Weeknd perform his hit single “Starboy” which I have on repeat mode ever since I heard it first!But that’s not what I’m here to Blog out about😀 I’m here to… Continue reading Victoria Secret Haul💫🎀

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What’s in my everyday makeup bag💕🎀

Hey everyone!!! I always carry a small pouch with me that has my makeup essentials and I know when some people say “essentials” they carry a lot of products but I like to keep mine very limited and carry just a few of them.I love my Victoria Secret pouch for the same,it’s compact fits perfectly… Continue reading What’s in my everyday makeup bag💕🎀