I love stationery-Dr.Beautyfix💖

Hey everyone!!! My personal fascination for stationery grew overtime.I like adding a personalised touch to my stationery supplies.For instance,this book which has my name engraved in it,the little personal touch makes it that much more special:) On the first page of each of my book,I like writing a quote that I most relate to.So when… Continue reading I love stationery-Dr.Beautyfix💖

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Discover new blogs,The Liebster Award🎀

Hey everyone!!! i have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely “jessincaseblog”:) So thank you for nominating me!I’m excited about this as it hasn’t been too long since I started blogging and I have been enjoying every bit of it,I work hard to put up good content and hope that my readers enjoy… Continue reading Discover new blogs,The Liebster Award🎀