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Face Exfoliation🎀

  Hey everyone!!! Exfoliating the face on regular basis can not only bring new life to our complexion but also rejuvenate the skin and help unclog pores and dead skin cells which improves our skin texture.With that note let me review the exfoliator I’ve been using for over a year now which is the “Jason… Continue reading Face Exfoliation🎀

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Tanya Burr Brow Kit🎀

Hey everyone!!! i’m going to be doing a review on the brow kit that I’ve been using for a few months now,it’s the “Tanya Burr Perfect Brows” kit. The Brow Kit:This kit comes with   •3 shadows for the brow •1 highlighter •1tweezer •1applicator The product:The palette comes in a square cardboard packaging with metallic… Continue reading Tanya Burr Brow Kit🎀

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100 followers Giveaway Winner🎀

Hey everyone!!! I’m so excited to finally reveal the winner of my giveaway,thank you to each and everyone who participated and for all the amazing feed back and support.I feel so blessed to have such supportive followers,please don’t be disheartened if you did not win it this time because I have many more giveaways in… Continue reading 100 followers Giveaway Winner🎀

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The Ultimate Pimple Punisher🎀

Hey everyone!!! I’m going to be talking about my holy grail spot treatment lotion which is the “Mario Badescu Drying Lotion”.This is a miracle jar for getting ride of pimples,like I would call it the ultimate pimple punisher. How to use it? So this glass container has 2 layers it starts as a clear liquid with… Continue reading The Ultimate Pimple Punisher🎀

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Product review:Body Polish by Body shop🎀

Hey everyone!!!   I’m doing a review on one of my favourite products from the “Body Shop” it’s the “Strawberry Body Polish”. Why is exfoliation important? Regular exfoliation is important because with ageing,the cell regeneration process gets slower.So the body gets slower to shed the old skin cells and generate new ones.The old skin cells… Continue reading Product review:Body Polish by Body shop🎀

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7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty😨💕🎀

Hey everyone!!! “Beauty hides multitude of sins,But underneath we are all the same”.Today I’m doing the 7 deadly sins of Beauty tag,should be interesting and fun as I enjoy reading blogs on this tag as well:) The questions GREED:What is your most expensive beauty item? Uhm I think this has to be my “Chanel Les… Continue reading 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty😨💕🎀

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Expectation Vs Reality(Beauty Faux Pas)🎀💋💄

Hey  everyone!!! i personally think applying makeup is like painting a canvas,you are playing with different colors,brushes and matching your skin tone to make it look flawless and beautiful!BUT sometimes we do commit some beauty faux pas that appear very harsh and unnatural.Let’s see what they are:) 1)Overdrawing your lips Yes we all like the… Continue reading Expectation Vs Reality(Beauty Faux Pas)🎀💋💄

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What’s in my everyday makeup bag💕🎀

Hey everyone!!! I always carry a small pouch with me that has my makeup essentials and I know when some people say “essentials” they carry a lot of products but I like to keep mine very limited and carry just a few of them.I love my Victoria Secret pouch for the same,it’s compact fits perfectly… Continue reading What’s in my everyday makeup bag💕🎀

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100 Followers WordPress Exclusive Giveaway!!!🎀

Hey everyone!!!   I’m always so excited when I receive a notification on my WordPress but particularly today was icing on the cake as I reached a 100 followers!Woohoo!!It’s been about a month and a half of blogging and I enjoy every bit of it,talking about things I love be it makeup,fashion,food:) I want to… Continue reading 100 Followers WordPress Exclusive Giveaway!!!🎀