New Innovations😱-Would you buy? Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey everyone!!!

The Beauty/Skincare market right now has come up with amazing new products in the market which are quite unique and different.I’m sharing a couple I came across that would be fun to try eventually when you have that “extra” money to spend.So,let’s roll:)

1)Makeup Fridge

Oh yes,you heard it right!

What the product claims to do?

Makeup Fridge is the most functional and glam addition to any bathroom or vanity. Keep your makeup/skincare products fresher for longer while experiencing a delightfully cool face mask.

Technology Used
MakeupFridge uses thermoelectric power, circulating your choice of cold/hot air through a small electric fan.
This delivers a quiet 42Db sound & environmentally friendly cooling, whilst using much less energy compared to your traditional refrigerator.


2)Drx Spectra life Face Ware Pro

Want to try a superhero mask but only with added benefits besides flying?😉

What the product claims to do?

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro is the three-minute at-home innovation that is the future of skin care: and it’s looking bright. Inspired by Dr Dennis Gross’ professional in-office lasers, this medical grade mask is lined with the most powerful anti-acne blue light allowed in DIY devices, as well as four spectra of red light. The combination of 100 red LED lights and 62 blue LED lights work together to smooth wrinkles, firm skin, diminish discolouration and clear acne for a beautiful, youthful complexion. With improvements visible in just two weeks, this is your fast-track to fewer fine lines and breakouts and a more even tone. 


Let me know in the comments if you would ever want to try any of these products or would give it a miss?:)

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