Just a thought-Dr.Beautyfix💖

Hey everyone!!!

Is it possible to wrap a month into a box full of positivity and kindness?Well,we can all try:)

I truly do believe that the kind of energy you put out in the universe definitely does have an impact on your life.You attract the energy that you give off.Spread good vibes.Think Positive and Enjoy Life.

It’s rightly said “Life is like an echo,what you send out,comes back to you”.

Let May and the rest of the months be peaceful and filled with a lot of blessings and happiness.If there is something out there you’ve been meaning to do,DO IT,you totally can:)

Do you believe in Karma?From personal experience, I can say that you do good to others and the good will come back to you.Nothing goes unnoticed.

Have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Just a thought-Dr.Beautyfix💖

  1. I do believe in karma but sometimes the bad things people have done to me creep into my mind, but what goes around comes around. I’m just trying to heal and move on.

    1. There is nothing bigger than “self-love” and you are doing exactly that:) You should be proud of yourself!
      Yes,certainly those negative emotions can creep up in our minds but at the end of day all I say to myself is “are they even worth it” “is this even worth spending time on” and the answer is always a “NO”,so I know it’s time to let go of those emotions and negative people.
      Rather be around people who uplift you,truly motivate and love you.
      Besides “Karma” will teach you the best lesson:) xo

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