My Desk Essentials-Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey everyone!!!

When I was a kid in middle and high school the one thing that got me really excited to begin a fresh term,would be buying new stationery.

The “intense” joy I had then,continues to live with me even now.

Pencils,pens,highlighters,post-it,memo notes,binders,journals,planners-I own and love them all.They help me stay organised and document my day to day activities.In the world of digital era I like looking back at my note pad and planners to reflect on my days spent and go down memory lane.

Confession:I can literally spend hours surfing the stationary websites.

In order for me to work properly I need to have less clutter,so having everything penned down neatly helps me work more efficiently.Pen and paper gives me the freedom to create a system that works for me without running out of battery;)

Let me know in the comments if you share the same love for stationery?

Have a nice day



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