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Hey everyone!!!

Beauty trends come and go but a long lasting lipstick stays in trend forever.You can never have too many;)

The Buxom Creamy Lip Plumping Powder

Description:A unique, instantly-plumping lip powder that delivers a blotted, semi-matte finish for an all-day, comfortable wear.

Super easy to apply,what I love the most about this product is that is not drying and the lips feel very soft.The pointed tip helps you apply the lipstick with precision.

I love it when makeup brands come out with innovative products.It just sets them aside from the rest.I absolutely loved the powder formula of this lipstick.Super easy to apply and glides on so smoothly

1. Twist off cap to reveal the product-coated, sponge-tip applicator.
2. Apply sponge tip directly to lips
3. Reload sponge tip with more product by twisting cap back on.
4. Repeat application to build coverage.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite lipstick is?

2 thoughts on “Lipstick Of The Day💄-Dr.Beautyfix

    1. Ooo Queen Frog Prince Lipstick is interesting!I’ve never heard of it before,so thank you for introducing me to it:)
      Oh yes!I love the Buxom Powder Lipstick And I can’t wait to try out more colors x

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