Binge Worthy Tv Shows On Netflix🖥💥

Hey everyone!!!

I’m literally the type of person that can binge watch an entire show if I find it particularly interesting.

1)Bates Motel

The plot of this show is so twisted and creepy at times.The 2 pillars of this show are the characters played by Vera Fermiga(Norma Bates) And Freddie Highmore(Norman Bates) with of course an amazing script.If you like thrillers,murder mystery,horror -then this is definitely your cup of tea.


This German television drama set in the year 1888.This takes us through the process of medical research and inventions and how Male dominated the world of medical care was.It shows the ups and downs that scientists faced during research and invention.

If you like medical soap opera you are going to love the show.


This show was my most random watch,didn’t go in with any expectations but it was the most entertaining and fun to watch.

Is juicy psychological thriller your thing?Then don’t give this a miss

4)Orange Is The New Black

Personally,I feel like this is one show that has numerous central characters,each with a story of their own.So every character in the show is as important and great to watch.Ladies of Litchfield sure will keep you hooked.

5)Alias Grace

A young woman is convicted of murder,some believe she is innocent,while others think she is evil.The story is captivating and leaves you wondering what the actual truth is.

So these were some of my favourite picks.I’m currently watching Sinners and I finished 2 episodes.Let me know in the comments what your favourite show on Netflix is.

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