Travel Light~Keep it minimal-Dr.Beautyfix🌸💐

Hey everyone!!!

If you are a compulsive buyer/hoarder you are bound to have a lot of makeup products,BUT taking only the essentials while travelling for a holiday etc can be quite a task.So I’m share my travel makeup bag with you guys and how I keep it to the minimal:)

Firstly carry light,when you are travelling you may come across new brands or different products not available in your country.So make sure you have room in your kit to take some of these products back home.I always carry these mini toothbrushes( which has an inbuilt toothpaste)fancy right?;) that allows me to freshen up on a long flight.

Secondly,carry only the essentials.You MIGHT think that you require everything,trust me you DON’T.Keep you travel bag simple.

Essential Makeup Products

1)A light weight foundation

2)A refreshing spray

(Multipurpose)to revitalise your skin and make it glow with minimal or no makeup

3)Face Powder to lock it all in

4)Eyeshadow palette-That has neutral,bold shades so you can just carry a single palette that can take your look from day to night.

5)Blusher+Highlighter Palette

Rather than carrying multiple single products,I prefer carrying a single palette that has everything that I require.Like the Becca x Jaclyn hill palette that has a blush,highlighter and a deeper bronze shade too.

6)I put all my makeup brushes in this brush pouch so it limits me from carrying too much.

So there you go all the essentials that I require to do my makeup while travelling:)

Have a great day!



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