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Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers:)

This past year my blog took a backseat, as I was totally consumed with other aspects of my life.Hence,this year I’ve decided to devote more time to my blog and be as regular as I possibly can:) One among the many New year resolutions ☺️ What’s yours?

Today’s blog I’m comparing 2 Mascaras;one drugstore and the other a high-end.So does spending more money give you better results?Let’s find out:)

I’m terrible at applying falsies,but I love the look of false eyelashes which is why I’m constantly on the look out for mascaras that could give me the “false-eyelashes” effect.

1)Super Model Mascara By Mistine

If this is the first time you heard about this brand it is because this is made in Thailand.It’s quite a rage there.The products from this brand are well loved and promoted extensively all over.So you can’t miss this when you are in Thailand.

This dual ended Mascara has lash fibres on one end and mascara on the other.

Step1:Apply the mascara

Step2:Apply the Lash fibre

Step3:Reapply the mascara(second coat)

Trust me it’s not as time consuming as it sounds.And you don’t have to worry about the lash fibres causing any irritation as they easily scatter.

2)Caution Mascara By Hourglass

I love the packaging of this Mascara,it’s simple yet bold with Gold;)

Hourglass products are luxury high end products.

This mascara is formulated without parabens,sulfates.You get about 9.4g of the product.

Now Let’s Compare,Shall We?

•I noticed that the Super Model Mascara gave me a lot of volume instantly with a single stroke while Caution Mascara added to the length.

None of them were clumpy which was great.

•The Super Model Mascara gave a nice feathered look to the eyelashes while the Caution Mascara enhanced the natural lashes.

•Price Of Super Model Mascara-6.50$ And the Caution Mascara is 29$

Although the drugstore mascara(Mistine)could have increased the quantity of the product while I’m super happy with the size of the high end mascara(Hourglass).

So for the price you pay I think the drugstore mascara does a fabulous job in creating a beautiful falsies look while Caution Mascara can definitely up the game.There is nothing particularly wrong with it but overall I preferred the first one way better.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite mascara is:)

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