Kilo Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick ๐ŸŽ€-(Review + Swatches)

Hey everyone!!!

KIKO MILANO is an Italian Brand that I wasn’t really familiar with until it launched in my country and was made available on websites.The products looked pretty interesting but I wasn’t quite sure what to start off with,so I played it safe and got a lipstick which I will be reviewing today:)

Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch Liquid Lipstick

This range has about 19 different shades to select from.


The packaging is pretty cute,it’s dual ended with a base color on one side, a top coat on the other side and has the KIKO LOGO right in the middle.


The brush to apply the base color is in the shape of a tiny leaf,not the most ideal for application but it wasn’t as bad,and the top coat comes with another brush which was a plus for me.

So when I first applied the base coat it made my lips feel dry,although the application was quite smooth and the liquid lipstick had an excellent color pay off.

I then added the top coat,it gave an instant shine to my lips and my lips weren’t feeling as dry.

I love the color on my lips and this does guarantee a 12 hour long lasting.Now I haven’t worn this for that long to agree with this but it definitely stays put and doesn’t require frequent touch ups.

I would love to try other products from this brand.Let me know in the comments what your favourite product from KIKO is:)

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