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Hey everyone!!!

For those unaware Smashbox collaborated with Vlada who is an LA based makeup artist and photographer and is renowned for her makeup artwork on Instagram.I find her artwork to be extremely creative and stunning and they have tried to incorporate her style into this collection with the packaging etc.

I’m sharing some of her artwork with you all

Pic Credit:Vladamua

Smashbox X Vlada Collection

From the picture you can pretty much get an idea of what the collection is all about,it’s mainly glittery,shiny and bold.

This comprises of


2)Eyeshadow Palette

3)Lipsticks and Eyeliner

4)Shimmer Drop

I bought one item from this collection which was the eyeshadow palette.

So you get 6 eyeshadows plus 2 base shades in a compact case which is inspired by Vlada’s signature shades and makeup trends

First Impression:Full points on the packaging,loved the rose gold( metallic)case.

BUT here comes the sad part,I found it hard to swatch the colours on my hands as they weren’t showing up well and I had to dip into the color twice for it to show up which was quite a bummer I would say.So on its own I’m a little dicey about the color pay off I might have to add MAC fix plus for the colours to truly come out.

Also I found it overpriced considering the size of the palette,I expected it to be a little bigger.This is quite compact so if you are looking for a travel friendly,compact eyeshadow palette then this would be quite convenient to use.

Overall this was my first impression on the palette and I’m not completely satisfied with it and definitely think I overpaid for the palette.I’m going to play around with these colours for some more time and see how it works out for me.

Let me know in the comments if there is a collaboration that you have really loved:)

Have a great week🌟



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