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Hey everyone!!!

So wearing makeup or NOT wearing makeup to the gym or your workouts is a very personal choice.If you do end up wearing makeup try and keep it basic.

Ideally wearing makeup should be avoided only because when you sweat it out in the gym which is a normal process of the body cooling itself during intensive workouts,the makeup can trap the sweat and block your pores.

So here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to wear makeup to the gym…

Quick Tips

1)Wear a light BB cream and avoid any heavy weight foundation-This will give you a light coverage

2)You can also do Spot Correct,so instead of going in with a full face foundation just use a concealer or even a BB cream to spot correct areas like the under eyes,scars, hyper pigmentation etc

3)You can skip the blush,because you will have a natural flush to the skin from workouts anyway

4)You can set the BB cream with a light powder I love the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder

5)Apply a tinted lip balm to add color to your lips

6)You can fill in your brows with a pencil and avoid wearing any eye makeup,as you will end up smearing the eyeshadows when you wipe your sweat during workouts

Post Gym

If you decide to wear makeup then it’s important you come back home and cleanse your skin together with exfoliation to get everything off.

Have a great week:)



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