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Hey everyone!!!

I always gravitate towards “lip products” whenever I’m buying new makeup,I’m bound to have at least one new lip product each time and today I’m talking about this new lip kit I purchased from Jouer.

I think this makeup brand is quite under rated and I don’t hear a lot about it in general and this is my first product from the line.

A little bit about the brand-JOUER

JOUER (pronounced as Zhew-ay) is the brand behind the makeup that is fun,playful and effortlessly chic.Jouer means “to play” in French.This was launched in 2008 by Christina Zilber.All the products are paraben free and gluten free.


This set “LE ROSE” has

1)Lip Creme-PEONY-Matte Cool Muted Coral

2)Lip Topper-ROSE FIZZ-Metallic Coral Pink

3)Lip Liner-PETAL-Cool Matte Rose Pink

First impression:

I absolutely loved the packaging.It’s very luxurious and gave me a very “LOUIS VUITTON” kinda feel.

The lip liner is full size but I found the lip creme and lip topper to be too tiny.They could have definitely sized it up.

It has a really strong scent to it,and I have a sensitive nose so I don’t quite like the scent of this one and it’s not smudge proof.

Here I’m wearing the lip liner and the lip Creme

This is with the lip topper

Overall I’m not that impressed with this kit,besides the packaging I couldn’t really point out at anything else that I liked.But I’m still keeping an open mind about this brand and will be trying out other products:)



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