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Hey everyone!!!

My favourite kind of posts/blogs to read are the more “intrusive” “nosey” ones like a “What’s in my bag” or “What’s in my shower” I think they are super fun to read and I thought why not share one with you all:)

1)OGX Shampoo And Conditioner

I have to admit I like using matching shampoo and conditioner because I feel like they are meant to go together.

I did notice a lot of hair fall when I was using the L’Oréal Shampoo and Conditioner it just didn’t work my hair texture and that one of the main reasons I switched and started using OGX products,I not only noticed dramatic reduction in the hair fall but it improved the overall smoothness and texture of my hair and I loved the after scent of this post shower,it smells absolutely amazing and I’ve had people tell me how great my hair smells so this definitely is something worth a try:)

2)The Body Shop Shower Gel and The Body Shop Scrub

When it comes to shower gel and body scrub I can’t think of any other brand but “The Body Shop”.I’ve been using them for years and literally going back and forth between “strawberry” and “cherry blossom”.It lathers up really well and gets the skin squeaky clean.I’m all about the smell so the strawberry scent that lingers on your skin post shower is something I love.

The Body Shop Scrub I use with the exfoliating gloves and this is good if you are prone to having ingrown hair,a nice exfoliation will definitely reduce the ingrowth and get rid of dead skin.

3)Dr Sheth’s Brightening Cleanser

My skin is pretty sensitive and of late I’ve noticed a bit of break out and I was looking for something mild and also good cleanser for acne prone skin and I was using the Cetaphil Cleanser before switching to Dr Sheths Cleanser since this line is crafted by a Dermatologist I was leaning more towards it and I loved it.

It has these rosehip seed extracts with vitamin E to repair the skin.It can get a little drying after wash so you need to moisturise your face post cleansing and I wish the bottle was bigger,but besides that the Cleanser works really well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this quick blog and I will catch you guys soon:)

Have a good day!



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