Cute Stationery Haul 2018-Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey Everyone!!!

So growing up the one thing that got me excited about “going back to school” was getting new stationery be it a new set of pencil case,pens,box,bag etc.I associated that with a “new” year of beginning school life again post break.

Little did I know my love for stationery only grew more with time,as a child I would go stationery shopping with my Mom and now I always stop at tiny little stores and pick up things.Let me quickly share with you all what I have with me which I plan to use soon:)

1)Weekly Planner

If you like to be organised or can sometimes “forget” things that needed to be done for the day,a planner can help you keep a tab of everything that needs to be done each week.The joy of ticking off things when completed makes me so happy 😀

2)Note-Pads And Notebooks

They are extremely useful to capture notes on the go,to have all your reminders and important work/study related material written so you can refer to them on regular basis.The more organised and neat they are the more you’d look at it from time to time.


I have a lot of papers that I like keeping in a folder to avoid missing any of the sheets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little look through my stationery haul:)

Have a nice day ✨



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