Battle Of Coverage💥✨-BB Vs Foundation-Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey everyone!!!

On the days I need less coverage I normally opt for a BB cream which stands for “Blemish Balm” so basically it’s a tinted moisturiser and gives a good coverage,which is as good as that of a foundation.Today I’m comparing the coverage of my BB cream with that of the foundation and show you the difference(if any 😉 )

BB vs Foundation

So on the right side of my face I’m wearing the BB cream by Silky Girl and on the left side of the face I’m wearing my Estée Lauder foundation.

To apply both the BB cream and the Foundation I’ve gone back and forth between using a Beauty Blender and a Foundation Brush.

Honestly with the coverage I couldn’t tell much of a difference although the BB cream definitely felt more light on the skin,I felt the left side of my face which had the foundation on looked a tad bit brighter

BB Vs Foundation

BB Cream(Right side)


Let me know in the comments what your favourite foundation or BB cream is:)

Have a good weekend✨



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