The Best Moisture Mask Ever-Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I confess I haven’t tried any products from Origins before,this product you see here is my first:) I usually have a particular skincare brand that I stick to and mostly end up using it for the rest of the year.

I was looking for a super hydrating moisturiser for my skin and this had an amazing rating plus it’s a skincare brand I’ve been wanting to try and I bought the “Origins Drink Up Intensive”.

What it is formulated to do?

An intense moisture replacement mask with avocado and apricot kernel oil that moisturises the skin and the Japanese Seaweed repairs the skin barrier to prevent future dehydration


How to use the mask?

The mask is really rich and super creamy so it’s suggested to apply in the night after cleansing,so massage this into your skin and leave it overnight.

My review

After leaving the mask overnight I noticed my skin feels smoother and hydrated.The mask is definitely on the heavier side so I don’t recommend using this mask underneath your makeup.It has a very citrusy scent that I’m not really a fan off but I can definitely overlook that as it’s not overpowering and the mask does a fabulous job with the skin.

Although Origins does mention that this mask prevent pre -mature ageing but I can’t really vouch for it as I don’t see any significant difference with fine lines etc

If you have dry,dehydrated skin then you will absolutely love this product.I always rinse off the mask the next morning with my cleanser so that it doesn’t leave any reside and clog my pores.You can use this on any dry patches on your body,your elbow,knee etc.

Do I recommend this?

Yes!Just power thru the whole night with this mask and see for yourself:)



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