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Do you follow trends?Personally I don’t follow the herd mentality and adopt “trends” just because everyone around you is doing it,I like to think for myself and see what’s comfortable for me and if it enriches my personal style.So getting inspiration and making it your own is something I can relate to.

Sometimes I’ve seen what’s trending and I’ve loved but many a times I couldn’t understand why!Let me share a few beauty trends of 2018

1)Less is more

Image Courtesy:Marie Claire

To look Natural and have a beautiful glow despite the heavy makeup.

With the multiple beauty products launched for the same purpose it’s not quite hard to achieve this if you inculcate the right technique while doing make up.

2)Fenty Beauty

This launched September 8 2017 by Rihanna and has taken the beauty line by storm.It appeals to the global audience and being backed by Rihanna has made it even more prominent.With unmatched offering of shades of all skintones their whole motto being inclusion of all women.For women of all shades,cultures,personalities and skintones.

3)Korean Skincare

Koreans cultural obsession with healthy skin started taking over the beauty market.The snail infused sheet masks,the brightening cleanser,they introduced the 10 steps to skincare to achieve beautiful skin,the double cleanse became quite popular in the beauty market.

4)Farsali Jelly Beam Highlighter

You will see majority of the beauty guru’s on Instagram either using the Farsali Elixir or the jelly beam prior to starting makeup.We’ve all seen beauty videos where they drop this oil on their face to prep the skin.

5)Bright eyes

Gone are the days for neutral and smokey eyes.Now we see Blue,Vibrant Orange,Green,Sunny Yellow all this is not restricted only for the day,it’s acceptable for a night out.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite beauty trend is:)



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