A Dream Lip Tint💋💄-Dr.Beautyfix🎀

Hey everyone!!!


Mistine Beauty line has to be one of the top beauty brands in Thailand and I’ve tried so many products from their line and I’ve loved their products.

Mistine Lip And Tint



Packaging:The packaging is pretty cute,has a nice pop of color.


It is dual ended with lip tint on one side and the balm on the other.

The Shade



It’s bubble gum pink and literally smells like one too.I love how this lip tint smells,has a fruity scent.

How to use?


First apply the tint on your lips and then apply the balm on top to enhance the color.

I do the reverse tho,I first moisturise my lips with the balm and then put the lip tint on top.You can go either way whatever serves the purpose.



1)If your lips are too dry you can use the balm first and then go in with the lip tint


3)Moisturises the lips

4)Gives a super pretty pink color to the lips


1)Not long lasting

2)Not smudge proof

3)The balm doesn’t really brighten the lip

Overall I found this Lip Tint to be okay:)



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