Jewelry/Accessory Organisation Ideas🎀

Hey everyone!!!

If you have decent amount of jewelry you already know how difficult it is to organise and keep a track of all of them.I’m not big on jewellery but I have a few staple pieces that I wear everyday,so mostly I just have my finger rings which I never take off.

1)Velvet Trays


I like using these velvet trays,so I have all my neck piece’s on display and they are not wind up in knots,which allows me to have a look at all of them in one go and pick one.


Where can I find them-Amazon

Price:Rs 299/5$

2)Acrylic Clear Drawers

The crystal clear acrylic drawers keep the jewelry organised and the contents visible.



Compartmentalise your jewelry, reorder them and place them in different compartments separating your ear rings,bracelets,necklace.You can also divide them by the occasion like casual or formal or by colors.



These drawers don’t hold tons of jewelry but if you are a hoarder then this forces you to be mindful of the items and not buy more:)


Going to end this post with another picture of the acrylic drawers:)



Where can I find them:Amazon

Price:1000rs / 15.28 USD



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