ABH Modern Renaissance Palette-First Impressions­čÄÇ

Hey everyone!!!



One palette I’ve wanted the longest but never got around to buying is the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.I fell in love with this palette the moment I saw it but to actually own it and play with the colors was even more amazing.

The Packaging



I usually don’t like large palettes and majority of the times I wouldn’t end up using all the colors in the palette but this is such a well put together palette and all the colors are absolutely gorgeous so I’m sure each of the eyes shades will be loved.The suede outer packaging makes it that much better,but yeah you have to be careful not get any stains on it.



Added bonus:You get a dual sided brush,great size,good quality unlike brushes in other palettes which are so tiny you can barely hold it in your hand.That for me was a ­čĹî­čĆ╝

Eyeshadow Palette


ABH has done a fabulous job co-ordinating the colors in the palette.The whole theme in creating this palette was to add a modern take on classic Renaissance paintings and they whole heartedly stuck to the theme.

Colors:I have so many favourites,I’ve swatched a few for you here.They have a buttery smooth texture,super pigmented and blend like a dream.


Luckily this palette is not limited edition and you can always get your hands on it.

Do I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette?

Absolutely!The formula is excellent and the shades are beautiful and flattering.

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