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Hey everyone!!!

I was reading a book today and a couple of things written in the book are worth giving a thought about which I’m going to be sharing with you all:)

Our culture today is obsessively focused on unrealistically positive expectations:Be happier.Be healthier.Be the best,better than the rest.Be smarter,faster,richer,sexier and crap out twelve-karat-golf nuggets before breakfast each morning and fly to your wonderfully fulfilling job,where you spend your days doing incredible meaningful work that’s likely to save the planet one day.But the conventional life advice is actually fixating on what you lack.

It lasers in on what you perceive your personal shortcomings and failures to already be,and then emphasises them for you.After all,no truly happy person feels the need to stand in a front of a mirror and recite that she’a happy.She just is.

the desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience.And,paradoxically,the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

You can’t please everyone.It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations.There will always be people-no matter what we say or how we treat them-that will judge us.You will never be able to stop people from judging you,but you can stop it from affecting you.

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