Birthday Haul 2018🍰🎁🎊

Hey everyone!!!


Recently it was my B-day and I thought it would be fun to share what I got for my birthday:)

I’m going to be reviewing each of these products after I’ve used them for a considerable amount of time.So let’s see what I’ve got:)


1)YSL Couture Eyeshadow Palette



I can never have enough Eyeshadow Palettes as it is my favourite part of doing makeup,I love creating endless eye looks be it neutral or dramatic.

I was gifted this exotic Eyeshadow Palette from YSL which has 5 stunning iconic colours.

2)YSL TouchΓ© Eclat Face Highlighter Pen



I’ve forgotten how much I loved this until I started using it again.This is one of the best Highlighter Pens I’ve ever used and is an old favourite.It literally brightens and smoothens your complexion with a radiant finish

3)Face Masks



Nothing beats a good Face Masks,they deliver hydration that our skin craves.They can be very relaxing and finding the right one can be very effective

4)Eyeliner Pen



I’ve been using these Mistline Eyeliner Pens ever since I got them and they are super black and give great precision especially when you want a winged look.They are long wearing and have a very smooth application.

4)Berry Yogurt Hand Cream


They smell divine and make your hands super soft and smooth.I could literally smell this all day.

5)BB cream


If you like Korean products then you must try the “Mistline” range,they have some amazing products.I used this BB Cream last night and it does exactly what it claims to do-Smoothen the skin and give a healthy glow.I mix this with a bit of concealer only because I find this a bit too dark on my skin.

6)Urban decay Liquid Lipstick



I’ve tried numerous products from Urban Decay but never the liquid lipstick.

I loved the formula,long lasting and they give a matte finish

7)MAC Eyeshadow Palette



9 lovely Eyeshadow colours to take the eye look from day to night.Beautiful pigmentation and gorgeous colors.

I hope you enjoyed the post:)



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