How to pack efficiently✈️|Like a pro|🎀

Hey everyone!!!



Here’s how I pack for short trips,keeping things in my suitcase down to a minimum and having everything organised.



I’m a huge fan of packing cubes as it keeps everything organised,making unpacking easier and keeps all my clothes in place so I know exactly where I’ve kept them all.So once you’re settled in,it makes life easier to just open these packing cubes as the clothes are neatly placed in them and you can take them out without rifling thru everything in your suitcase.It allows you to pack more,taking less space and they are specially designed to fit the suitcase.

These little cubes of zippered goodness comes in different sizes which can be used to pack different things like clothes,beach wear,toiletries,makeup etc.


For your undergarments the best way to travel with are these organisers that help keep everything in place without crushing them,so it doesn’t lose shape.


Shoes bags prevent your clothes from getting dirty,these water repellent draw string closure bags holds about 2 shoes per bag.



I hope this helps:)

Have a wonderful weekend🌟



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