Quick Fix For Dry Skin🎀|Very effective

Hey everyone!!!



Besides hydrating yourself by drinking a lot of water which by far works like magic on the skin,I want to share a quick fix for those of you with dry skin.

1)Using a gentle cleanser to wash your face will be very beneficial.I would recommend Cetaphil Cleanser for sensitive,dry skin.It’s free of parabens and works really well.

2)Facial oil + Moisturiser


You can use this individually but I like mixing the two together and applying it on my face.Each time I’ve done this and left it overnight I wake up with supple hydrated soft skin.



If your acne prone the “Acnemoist” moisturiser not only helps clearing the skin but adds the much needed boosters to the skin(keeps it healthy,hydrated)

Facial oils help clear pores of excess sebum,reduce inflammation and adds the moisture back into the skin.I like using the multi purpose Nuxe Facial Oil which can be used for any part of the body including your hair but I like using this on my face mixed with my moisturiser.The combination of the two really helps cure the dryness revealing beautiful supple skin.

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