Skincare Travel Kit🎀

Hey everyone!!!

Coming up with a skin care routine that works for you is a trial and error process.I’ve tried multiple Skincare products over time but I’ve found a few that always tops my list.

When I’m on the go I prefer carrying Travel size Essentials rather than full size bottles.So I always try and find a travel size kit from my favourite Skincare brand and was happy to see Trilogy has one.

Trilogy Rosehip Collection

This collection comes with Travel size

1)Rosehip oil anti-oxidant

How to use:After cleansing massage about 2-3 drops into face,neck and décolletage.

2)Vital Moisturising Cream

This provides immediate nourishment and hydration.It absorbs quickly and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3)Cream Cleanser

Removes makeup and impurities from face and eyes.Non-drying,makes skin supple.

4)Hydrating Mist Toner

A gentle aromatic most delivery instant moisture to the skin.

All these products come in a cute white “Hello Gorgeous” cotton bag which is an added bonus.

This makes it a perfect set to travel with ✈️

Have a great week🎊



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