Laura Mercier Setting Powder Vs MAC Prep & Prime|Which one is better???๐ŸŽ€

Hey everyone!!!

I always set my under eyes with translucent powder,I like “baking” my under eyes with the powder,this not only brightens the area but sets the foundation and concealer.

Would you rather buy a mediocre product and spend less or pay more and buy something which works amazing?

Well let’s find out:)

MAC Prep and Prime trasnclucent powder Vs Laura Mercier Brightening Powder

I’ve been using the MAC Prep and Prime for a couple of weeks now,I wanted to find an alternative to Laura Mercier as I don’t get easy access because this brand doesn’t have a store in my city so I’d have to order it online each time I run out of it.I tend to use it sparingly because sometimes the whole shipping process + customs can get a bit tedious.

So I use the Prep & Prime with a beauty blender which I dampen first then dip the blender into the powder and “bake” my eyes.I let the powder sit under my eyes for about 3-5 minutes while I do the rest of my face then I take a powder brush and sweep it off my eyes.


1)This powder is not finely milled so when you use a damp beauty blender and place the product on your eyes I notice little chunks of white powder underneath which I normally just wipe away before allowing it to set

2)I was not truly impressed with packaging when I first tried to get the product out it was literally all over the place so be careful when you first open the lid.

3)It can leave a white cast underneath your eyes but you can always use a brush with powder of your choice and make everything blend but that’s an added step.

Laura Mercier Brightening Powder

The BEST Brightening Powder I’ve ever used.It lifts the under eyes and you can tell a difference.

The “no flash back formula” which means it’s going to look great in photos.

This is definitely a game changer,as little as you need it’s going to stay put and you will notice very minimal creasing.

The days you feel like you look extra tired or your under eyes need the extra care I think this would give your eyes that added lift.

See you in my next blog post:)

Have a great weekend!



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