Finding Calm In The Chaos🌊🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I like to talk about a variety of things on my blog mostly about Skincare,Makeup,Fashion and then I have days where I just like to share my thoughts and talk about life in general.

Finding calm in the chaos.This is easier said than done.Life throws at us unpredictable situations when we least expect it and at the time our mind cannot just register these new changes and we experience utter chaos,we are left confused with a million thoughts in our heads.We try to tackle the situation but experience anger,depression,sadness BUT ultimately we have to find the “calm”,we have to find a foothold,find our ground.

Would we have preferred an ideal situation?Of course,why wouldn’t we?But if that hasn’t been offered to us we have to find ways to manoeuvre around it and find sanity and peace no matter how impossible it may look at the time.

Ps:Sometimes I put these thoughts into words not only to share this with my fellow readers but it also allows me to express my thoughts without preaching,so it benefits me also in someways:)

When I look back at hard times or not so good times in life I realise that encountering that chaos has probably taught me a lot,contributed towards my growth and has helped me take all the positive encounters from the experience.So whenever you look back into something try and hold on to something positive that it might have taught you.It’s very important for us to use coping devices so we can navigate thru life and find light in difficult situations.

Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself,be proud of every obstacle you have overcome in life it only depicts your strength:)

Have a wonderful weekend 🌟



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