LOTD💄(Lipstick of the day)🎀 Review+Swatches

Hey everyone!!!

I’ve always loved Charlotte Tilbury products,the foundation is one my favourite for a natural radiant glow.I got my hands on the Matte Revolution Lipstick and they had some pretty amazing shades and I was quite excited to try them.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

The shade I picked today is called “amazing grace” inspired by Grace Kelly the American Actress.

It’s a beautiful shade.It has a very warm pinkish hue with a coral undertone it looks so pretty when you wear it.

What I love the most is the formula of the lipstick,I literally feel like I’m wearing a tinted lip balm as it glides so smoothly on to your lips and it makes your lips feel super soft and smooth.

I love the angular tip of the lipstick as it’s easier to fill your lips and mimics a lipstick brush.The packaging of this lipstick bullet reminds me of old Hollywood Glamour.


The only con for me with this lipstick would be it that it’s not long lasting,so you might have to touch it up from time to time.

I would love to try the other shades from this collection as I was super impressed with this one.

Have a wonderful day 🌸



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