Fake a good night’s sleep with these concealer hacks🎀

Hey everyone!!!

We all have experienced those days where the lack of sleep got the better of us the morning after!Late nights are inevitable when we have our favourite shows to binge watch on NETFLIX or a project to work on.BUT what takes a toll is our skin that doesn’t look as fresh or radiant because of the lack of sleep and not being well rested.

So let me share some quick tips to look fresh and radiant after a sleepless night:)

1)Face Icing

Now to literally “wake” your skin up,this is the best thing you can do before anything else.Take a few ice cubes wrap it in a handkerchief(avoid putting the ice cubes directly on your face) wait for the ice to melt a little and glide it on your face,this reduces any redness or swelling and boosts your circulation.

2)Prep your skin with a mosituriser

If your skin is not prepped whatever product you put on top is not going to go on as smooth.

3)Under Eye Corrector

Use a peach or salmon color corrector to neutralise the dark circles to correct any dark spots so apply it directly on the area of concern,I like using the Becca Undereye corrector for this with a damp beauty blender.

4)Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

Now that the dark circles are covered we want to brighten up the undereyes and this works well if you use a lighter concealer than you normally would as it doubles up as both a highlighter and a concealer.

5)Bake your under eyes

Use any translucent powder on a damp beauty blender and set your under eyes let it bake for about 2 minutes.This gives a creaseless and flawless finish and allows all the under eye products to set in.

6)Inner corner highlight

This instantly brightens your eye.I like using a golden color for the inner corner of my eyes to instantly brighten and wake my eyes up.

So these are a few hacks that gives you great results:)

Have a wonderful day!



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