Rainy Day Essentials|Makeup💄💋🎀

Hey everyone!!!

On a rainy day it’s tempting to stay indoors,something about staying warm and dry when it’s raining heavily outside.So the times I step out what’s my makeup routine like?Let’s break it down,shall we?

Step1:Skin Care

Before you apply any makeup I like having a good base,which is why it’s essential we take extra care of our skin.

Wash your face with your cleanser and then follow it up with rubbing ice on your face

Note:Do Not rub ice directly on your face,wrap it in a fine handkerchief and gently rub it all over your face

This gives your skin that instant glow,reducing redness and inflammation also improving blood circulation

Now that our skin is prepped, let’s proceed to 

Step2:Apply a primer

That Gal Brightening Primer By Benefit

Product Description:A silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter.

This has a pink undertone,it goes on smoothly and very subtly evens out your skin while giving it a delicate glow.You can wear it on its own or follow it up with a BB cream or Foundation

Step3:I like to keep my makeup very minimal during this season so I usually only wear a BB cream.

Big Easy By Benefit

Product Description:BIGGER than BB! big easy balances moisture & controls oil. The cushiony liquid-to-powder formula melts in like a cream, yet finishes lightweight & velvety like a powder.


Corrects your skin giving it a nice natural “no makeup” look

•Does not make the face oily

•Apply it under a good base either a primer or a moisturiser and it stays on the entire day 

•If you think you need a little bit more coverage you can always cover the problematic areas by taking more of this product

Step3:Mac Fix Plus Setting Spray 

You either use this before you start your makeup or after your done to just set your face makeup and lock it in.

Keeping this about 20cms away from your face just spray this directly on your face and allow it to dry!

Step4:Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade

With everything pretty neutral and minimal having well done brows just puts the whole look together.

Step5:Waterproof Mascara

Avoid raccoon eyes during the rainy season and go for a waterproof mascara instead which gives your lashes the volume and length.

Step6:Skip the lipgloss

Lip gloss looks great, but it can look messy especially with the rain and the wind blowing and it gets caught in our hair. Wearing a lip stain works better and prevents the lip gloss from smearing all over the face.

I hope you enjoyed reading these quick tips:) Happy Monsoon☔️💦

Keep Shining🌟



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