Hairfall?Don’t worry!Here is a quick fix(πŸ™…πŸŽ€)

Hey everyone!!!

Hairloss is a major concern for anyone,not only is it worrisome but also frustrating to a point you want to pull out your hair?(Ah,you can't,because hair is already being pulled out on its own😋😂).

I met a trichologist recently and she said about 50-75 strands of hair falling off everyday is pretty normal!It doesn't sound that "normal" for us tho right?But it actually is!You can tell when you are losing more hair than normal,severe shedding on the sofa or your hair brush,your towel.Your hair appearing more limp than usual,losing volume.

So what causes hairfall?


2)Harmonal imbalance

3)Poor diet

4)Blocked pores in the scalp

5)Poor circulation in the scalp to name a few.

A lot of people ask if hair color/dye causes hairfall but from speaking to a trichologist I found out that it is a contributing factor that indirectly leads to the hairfall.All the chemicals,heat,dye that we put our hair thru just damages the hair in turn making it weaker and more prone to hair fall.

So they can be multiple triggering factors for hair fall but I'm sharing a few things that can work overall irrespective of the underlying cause(which you should find out either way,run some tests if you must).

Coconut hair oil:I think this is one of the best remedies which is inexpensive and gives your great results.OIL YOUR HAIR at least once a week and you will notice a change not only in the texture of your hair but also the growth.It penetrates into your roots and nourishes your hair.It's like an energy drink for your hair.

Ballvic W Solution Concentrate:This helps to improve scalp condition and thicken hair 

Active Ingredient is :DHT blocker

So DHT(dihydrotesterone)yes we women have this harmone too,just not as much as men,this is thought to be the main culprit in hair fall which is why a blocker is used topically!

How to use?

This is a roll on tube that you apply on the roots of your hair.So you section out your hair and apply this all over,it stays on your hair until your next wash.You apply the concentrate every single day irrespective of whether you washed your hair or not.

Stimulates hair regeneration and makes hair strong and healthy.

Protects scalp with pH 5.5 and anti-inflammatory ingredients

Taking supplements:These supplements are present over the counter and are easy to get!

The key words you want to look for is "Biotin","Cysteine","Lysine" these vitamins prevent thinning of hair and hairfall giving your hair strength from the roots:)

I hope this helps:)

Keep Shining🌟



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