Ice Water Facial At Home☄️💠

Hey everyone!!!

Okay so this is a secret skin care tip everyone swears by,with majority of the women feel it’s the best thing to do prior to applying your makeup or just to wake your face up.So what’s this ice water facial all about?

You don’t have to spend a penny isn’t that great?You can get these results at home and all you need is ice water and few slices of cucumber


1)A bowl of cold water

2)Add a few ice cubes to it

3)Slices of cucumber

So tie your hair up in a bun and get all that hair out of your face then dunk your head into the bowl of water at an interval of 5-10seconds (you can do this thrice times) 

What does this do?

tightens your skin

•Lightens the redness

•Depuffs the face 

•Gives a healthy natural glow

It’s that simple.Then pat your face dry and go in with your skin care routine or makeup and you would instantly notice that everything glides on your face so much better,it’s like a mini facial+morning wake up regime LOL.

Have a great week!

Keep Shining🌟



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