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Exploring a new city is always fun and exciting but let’s switch it up here,shall we? How about exploring the city YOU currently live in?You would be surprised to see or find things you may not have taken notice otherwise.

We are so set on our goals that everything else that doesn’t contribute to that takes a backseat.Life is like a competition and we are all running a race but sometimes it’s nice to take a breather and just relax!You can do this in many different ways but how about capturing them in your memories forever?

If you ever get a chance to explore the city you live in THEN DO IT just like I did.With photography there is a reality so subtle,that it becomes more real than reality!

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  1. I’ve recently been doing this as well. It’s awesome the hidden gems that you can find, when you explore your city or neighboring ones at that. I love that picture of the carriage, it’s so magical.

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