SHIMMER BATTLE✨ Benefit VS Nourish🎀

Hey everyone!!!

I know I’ve been MIA(missing in action) for quite sometime now and I’ve missed blogging so much BUT as most of you know I’m a Doctor and for the past few weeks all I’ve been doing is reading and preparing for my residency exam,which is why this took a back seat,I’m here now tho with a new blog and I couldn’t be any happier:)


I’ve always been big about having a little bit(or more😉) shimmer peak thru my foundation.Not only does it give you a radiant nice glow but it makes your skin look so much more healthier and radiant and YOU literally look like a glowing goddess giving BEYONCÉ a run for her money (or Atleast try to)😁.

Anyway when I say I like it “peaking” thru I meant that I prefer mixing my foundation with the highlighter making my own nice concoction LOL and then applying it on my face.So what this does is it blends in with the foundation and gives a subtle yet nice glowly look.So I have two shimmer bases here.Let’s do a VERSUS and see which one I like better?

Okay starting off with the Benefits GIRL MEETS PEARL

•I think this is more like an every day use 

•Works better rather shows better on skin if you apply it after foundation,powder and all that jazz,you can apply this on your high points,your cheek bones

•The texture is such that it sits better on top of a foundation rather than mixing it with one as I feel it really dilutes the product so it doesn’t really show up that well.


This is my old favourite and I’m running out of it,I barely have a pump or two left:(

•But this honestly gives you such a nice radiant glow when mixed with foundation if you are looking for a golden radiant glow then you are going to love this.

•You can also use this on your body,may be your legs or your back this works really well.

The texture is liquid so it’s like Foundation but with SHIMMER AND GLOW in it.

•I literally just take 2 pumps of this and mix it in my foundation and apply it on my face

So if I had to pick one then I would definitely pick NOURISH ILLUMINATING GLOW Over Benefit’s GIRL MEETS PEARL.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining🌟



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