Product Empties🎀 May 2017(Would I repurchase)?

Hey everyone!!!

So let’s go through my beauty product empties! These are the products that I’ve loved so much in the past few months that I’ve used them all up! These are definitely things that I will continue to purchase.I usually use up the things that I love.

1)Frank Body Face Scrub

This is the best face scrub I’ve used not only does it exfoliate my face throughly and gets all the gunk out but also brightens up my face and gives a very radiant complexion.You can actually tell a difference like instantly with this scrub.And  the best part about this scrub is- it smells like coffee!!!!I LOVE IT!!!Whenever I want that instant glow I use this scrub.

How I use the scrub-I take a pea sized amount and then rub it all over my face and neck in circular motions focussing mainly on my nose and my T zone to get rid of the blackheads if any and then I let it sit on my skin for about 4-5 mins and then rinse it off with water and pat dry!

You can use this scrub prior to shaving as well,and also to exfoliate your body especially if you have a lot of ingrown hair you want to get rid of!So it’s not necessary that you just use this on your face,you can also use this on your body!Since the main ingredient in this scrub is coffee which makes it a great natural exfoliator to buff away dry and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth,supple and radiant.

2)Nuxe Lip Balm and Drops Of Youth moisturising cream by the BODY SHOP

I’m going to sound like a broken record since I’ve raved so much about these products on my blog 😀BUT THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD.

3)Dermatologica Precleanse Oil

So I got the mini bottle mainly for when I travel and also I wanted to try it out first before I purchased the full size.I would really recommend anyone who is unsure of how the product might work on your skin to always either buy a sample or a mini bottle first and test it out before going in and buying full size.

This oil is great to remove your makeup as it literally melts into your face and takes your foundation and other makeup off,I wouldn’t really recommend using this for the eyes but for the face and neck this definitely serves it’s purpose.You have to go in with a cleanser which is why this is called a “pre” cleanse and then wash your face and follow your skin care routine.

I prefer using an oil based product to melt my makeup and take it off as it feels like a double cleanse and gets your skin squeaky clean.When I got this first to test it out I thought hmm may be I wouldn’t get to use it much since it might get over but honestly you need a little bit of the oil to wash your face so a little goes a long way and this definitely did last a long time!

4)Vaseline Instensive Care Spray Mosituriser

I can get a tad bit lazy at times when it comes to moisturising my body which is why I was specifically looking for a spray mosituriser that I could use at the times I get a little too lazy(which I shouldn’t be,not when it comes to skin)but you know we have our off days LOL.

The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after leaving the shower as it is able to trap some of the water still on your body and use it to hydrate your skin.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep Shining🌟




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