Sunday Skincare Essentials🎀

Hey everyone!!!

Prevention is far easier than correction, investing in some good products to protect your skin now will save you in the future.

Especially if you are in your early 20’s this is the perfect time to build up your Skincare regimen and keep your skin looking healthy and glowy,using a sunscreen is a must irrespective of your age.You don’t have to go in with anti-ageing products right now but a good moisturiser and a hydrating Eye Cream is a must.As for women in your late 20’s and 30’s 40’s and so on we need to give our skin a little extra care and add in anti-ageing products as our skin needs are different.

1)Frank Body Everyday Moisturiser

I use this moisturiser after I cleanse my face every morning.It’s a rich creamy moisturiser which absorbs really well into your skin and keeps your skin hydrated and soft.I have done a blog on some of the products that I love from the  Frank Body Skincare Line so if you want to check it out,please click here.

2)Body Shop Drops Of Youth Moisturiser 

For the night I like to apply something a bit more heavy which will rejuvenate my skin overnight so I wake up with radiant,soft skin.As some of you may know I love the “Body Shop” Drops of youth skin care range and it’s no surprise that my current favourite moisturiser is from that line:)

3)Embryolisse Eye Cream

Product Description:Non greasy eye treatment that has been specially formulated for the fragile area around the eyes rich in active ingredients this multi purpose product acts to improve skin tone firm skin and reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and crow.

4)Neutrogena Sunscreen

When I pick my Sunscreen I make sure they are not oil based because they make my skin very greasy and oily post use and if course you would want to use a Sunscreen which has an SPF of 50+ or more.I can’t begin to stress on the importance of using Sunscreen the UV rays are very damaging to the skin and can penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin and damage the skin cells and prolonged exposure to sunrays is equally harmful so always wear a Sunscreen before you step out.

I hope all you lovely ladies are having a great weekend 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

Keep Shining🌟



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