Travel Trips✈️ How I pack my toiletries🎀

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I always try to pack light and keep everything organised,so this really does save time when I unpack as everything is in it’s own bag/pouch.So what am I using currently?Well read on 🙂

Barrel Shaped Travel Bag


1)Makeup Buckle Storage Bag

2)Mini Zipper Bag 

3)Transparent Brush Bag

I love using bags that have different compartments in them.Especially this one,it has so many different mesh pockets and it’s so spacious which allows me to fit in a lot of things without having to worry if the liquid from the container is going to drop out.The key is make sure your containers are tightly shut and place them securely in your bag.

So I just put in big size bottles to give you’ll an idea on how much this bag can hold,I usually do use empty plastic travel containers instead of full size bottles so that they don’t get too heavy.

The inside of the bag has these elastic bands so they are quite flexible and keep the bottles in place.Even if you do drop anything inside,the material of the bag is such that it is easy to wipe everything off without staining the bag.

It also came with a mini zipper and a transparent pouch which was a plus for me.

I use the transparent pouch to hold my makeup brushes.

This matching mini pouch usually has my lens case or my medicines or lipbalm.

Since it’s portable,water proof and light weight it doesn’t occupy too much of space in my suitcase.This has a drawstring closure so once you’re done organising everything,all you need to do is pull on the string and put in your suitcase and your good to go✈️

You can find this on Amazon for just a couple of dollars and it’s so extremely useful!

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6 thoughts on “Travel Trips✈️ How I pack my toiletries🎀

  1. Fab tips! I’m starting a few long journeys of my own and building a separate wardrobe/personal care stash for travel. Personal care items are always the hardest to manage with limited space.

    1. Thank you💕 That’s the ideal thing to do to have a separate stash for travel.Yes sometimes they do occupy a lot of space especially when you’re not light packer LOL.So when you have a nice travel pouch which doesn’t take up too much space and has limited space within,then we will limit the products we take too:) xo

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