How I Store My Lipgloss💋💕(Storage Solution)🎀

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Keeping your makeup organised will not only make your space look neat and tidy BUT also make you aware of all the products you own,since everything will be on display for you to see and you won’t lose count or “forget” about it after purchase plus it helps you keep a tab of the products which are old/expired and you need to get rid of!Overall organisation is key!

How I store my Lipgloss?

I just put mine in the refrigerator so that it is chilled😂 (how “cool” would that be)?Uhm,I’m totally kidding I wish it would be that simple LOL but I like using acrylic holders to organise my Lipgloss.These are inexpensive and you can get it off Amazon for cheap!

They come in different sizes so if you’re just starting off with makeup and really don’t need a large size acrylic holder, you can pick the smaller one and as you grow your collection you can buy the bigger one.

These holders are quite sturdy and flat so they stand still on your table or vanity.

I will do another blog post soon on how to organise your makeup while your travelling,just a few tips.

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