Alpha H Moisturiser -Does it really work?(Review)๐ŸŽ€

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It’s super essential to have a moisturiser to cater to your skin needs,to keep your skin hydrated and fresh!I’ve been using the Aplha H cleanser for quite some time now and it was the first product from the brand I tried and loved,so I went in and got their daily moisturiser!BUT…..

Aplha H Daily Moisturiser With Glycolic Acid

Product Description: A targeted, light textured moisturiser featuring 10% Glycolic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid to refine pore size and improve clarity of the skin while balancing oil flow and increasing epidermal hydration. Natural antibacterial ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Green Tea and Eucalyptus work to assist with keeping blemishes and breakouts at bay and make this moisturiser perfect for dehydrated oily and/or problematic skin.

What it claims to do?

Improves clarity and evens out skintone.And clear imperfections and blemishes

My Review:I honestly thought this would be a good product BUT it absolutely did nothing for me.From the very first use I found it a little too harsh for my skin as I experienced a tingling sensation after applying this,it went away after a while but the second day I put this on the tingling sensation escalated and I had to literally wash my face and take this product off.I have dry,sensitive skin and I usually opt for products which are mild.So this Moisturiser did nothing for me and did not work for me at all.

Sometimes you love a skin care brand and you try more and more of their products but I’ve realised from experience;) NOT all the products work the same way for your skin just because one specific product is good.Now when it comes to Skincare it’s all about trying and testing out as we all have different skin types and different skin struggles so the products which work for me may not necessarily work for you or vice versa OR sometimes it just might.So basically a trial and error is what happens!My suggestion would be whenever you are trying something new or your not quite sure if it’s going to work for you or it’s something expensive always buy the smaller size and test it out and if you like it you can always buy the bigger bottle.Luckily I got the small tube of the mosituriser:)

My sister who has combination skin has been loving the Alpha H glycolic peel, so she said she would try and see if this moisturiser works for her!

So right now with Alpha H Brand I’m a 50-50 as I have a cleanser I love Vs a Moisturiser which I don’t!I might try another product from their brand but I’m not too keen,so unless it is something that is just fabulous I don’t think I will purchase something again.

This product for me was a big ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ

Let me know in the comments what your favourite mosituriser is:)

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