Flower Power🌸 MAC Blush(mini review)🎀

Hey everyone!!!

Who doesn’t like the looks of flushed cheeks?I don’t think that’s something only for women post Zumba class😀 We can achieve a natural flushed look from all the available blushes.

How I wear blush?

I first do my base followed by a BB Cream or Foundation that I’m wearing that day and save the blush for the last

Find the apple of your cheeks then dip a dome shaped brush into the blush,now with circular motions just apply the colour on your cheeks.I then very very lightly pat it on my nose and forehead.This gives an overall natural flushed look.

I usually like wearing pink blushes!The blush I’ve been wearing a lot is “Petal Power” which is a mineralize blush from MAC .This is a warm coral blush with a frost finish.Whenever I apply this blush I go in with a light hand otherwise it can look ruddy.You will have a light gold peaking thru nothing extravagant but just the right touch of color.

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