Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick For Contouring?(Review)πŸŽ€

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“Contouring” quickly became a popular makeup trend thanks to the Kardashian Sisters and also the availability of YouTube Turorials where they are over thousands of videos teaching you how to contour!

Why do we Contour?

When you think of contouring you think of hollowed-out cheeks and slimmed-down noses.You basically sculpt and define your face.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

I like using the Bobbi Foundation Stick to Contour my face.I don’t Contour unless I have a big event or a wedding to go to.The rest of the days I like to keep my makeup minimal.

How I Contour?

1)I Contour right below my cheekbone.So if you do a “fish sucking face” you can find the hollow of your cheekbones and that’s where you want to start contouring.

2)Another way to do Contouring would be literally visualising a line a from the top of the ear to the corner of the mouth so you stop the line where you pupil ends and not over draw the line.

So I take my Foundation Stick and lightly draw the line below my cheek bone,if you have a small forehead you might want to skip Contouring your forehead.

When I Contour my nose I don’t use the stick directly on my nose I take a stiff brush and grab some of the product on my brush and draw 2 lines on my nose,now the closer I draw the line the slimmer my nose looks.

Key to this is blending!So BLEND BLEND BLEND and make sure you don’t have any of those harsh lines peeking thru.I usually wet my blending brush with some MAC fix plus I like to do this since the product Im using is Cream so it easily blends into the skin.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite product to Contour is:)

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