Kylie Cosmetics Limited Birthday Edition Creme Eyeshadows🎀(Swatches+Review)🎀

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The best part about doing my makeup is playing with eyeshadows,I have the most fun doing my eyemakeup which is why I’m always buying new eyeshadows(doesn’t justify my obsession,I know🙈).I recently purchased this cream eyeshadow with a couple of lipkits from “Kylie Cosmetics” now before I get into the good part I want to tell you how much of a pain the shipping is,the international shipping is horrible,it took about 2 months for the products to reach me.Now that the shipping bit is out of the way,let’s talk about the product.Shall we?

Kylie Cosmetics Creme Eyeshadow in “Copper

This eyeshadow was launched as a part of her “Limited Edition Birthday Collection”

The eyeshadow in housed a glass pot container just like MAC Paint pot only difference this is gold!

The eyeshadows are super creamy,buttery and pigmented.You can use your fingertips and apply it or wet a flat shader brush with MAC Fix Plus for the ultimate pigmentation.It glides on so smoothly but you do have to be careful not to take too much of the product,rather take a little and keep building it up in order to avoid the eyeshadow getting clumpy.

Lazy day?Or in a hurry?But still want your eyemakeup to look like it’s put together,then you can wear this eyeshadow on it’s own and you are good to go.

One swipe is all you need and they look great on the eyes!They act as a really great base coat as well,so if you want a little bit of shine peeking thru and want to add another top coat this would be great in that aspect as well.

I honestly was very impressed with this Creme Eyeshadow and how easy it is work with and blends evenly.Each crème eyeshadow is sold at 20 USD.Birthday Bundle is sold at 195 USD.

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