Urban Decay Glitter Eyeshadows­čÄÇ(Review+Swatches)

Hey everyone!!!

Right around Christmas I was looking for some glitter eyeshadows and I recently purchased few individual eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Moondust Range.

Urban Decay MoonDust Eyeshadow 

This collection had about 7 eyeshadows which were sparkly with glitter and very vibrant,pretty much what I was looking for at the time.

Product Description: Eyeshadows with intense hue and microfine iridescent fine sparkles,super refined and intense.

My Review:I haven’t gotten a chance to wear these eyeshadows out yet but I did test them out at home.It’s not that creamy more like powder so if you go in with a eyeshadow brush you honestly wouldn’t pick that much of the product and the color would not show on your eyes.So when I used it with the fix plus I noticed how vibrant and bold the color was.Although it is suggested that you use your wet fingers for these shadows and apply them on your eyelids as it will take the color pay off to a next level.I prefer just wetting my brush with the Mac Fix Plus instead.

Stargazer:This is a lime green/gold shade with gold 3-D sparkle.

Zodiac:Is a smoked out black shadow with heavy blue/green shift and blue/green 3-D sparkle. This was my favourite eyeshadow of the 7,The second being Zodiac.

I wet my brushes first and then swatched the shades on my hand.These eyeshadows as you can tell are pretty but not something you can wear everyday,more for the times you want that sparkle or glitter on your eyelids.

Honestly you can totally give these eyeshadows a miss,they are much cheaper and better drugstore glitter eyeshadows which will give you great color payoff.I’m not that impressed with these eyeshadows,they are average nothing over the top!I’m going to work with this more and i will post an eye makeup look soon using these shades:)

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