MAC Archie Collection(Throwback)πŸŽ€πŸ’•

Hey everyone!!!

I know Valentine’s Day just went by and I feel like this post would have been more suited for that day but nevertheless it’s still going to go up a few days later;)

 As a teenager growing up I remember reading Archie comics a lot,I would go to the closest library with my younger sister and we would literally pick up all the Archie comics available,it was “our”thing something we always kick started our school vacation with.Ah how much I loved the love triangle although a part of me always wanted Archie to be with Betty because I felt that her love for Archie was more genuine and real although she didn’t necessarily get the attention from him.I did think that Archie was mesmerised by Veronica’s beauty which is why he always sidelined Betty.I was so sad when I heard that they stopped publishing Archie and they killed a certain character in the book*spoiler alert*.My sister told me that they have started a show on CW along the same storyline and it’s called “Riverdale”,I never really got a chance to watch that show but I just might to see how I like it considering I absolutely loved the comics.

Anyway I was purging thru my makeup and I found this Blush from MAC Archie Collection in “princess prom” and it took back to my good old days haha.So I thought I’d just make a post about this collection and how much I enjoyed the packaging,the theme.I thought it was a really cute idea.What did you guys think?

Let me know in the comments what your favourite MAC collection was?

Thank you for reading:)

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