Hydrating Hair Drink?🍹🎀(Mini review)

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I’ve always had long hair(long enough to give Rapunzel a run for her money😋) Well,not really!But you get the point.So growing up with long hair wasn’t really easy especially when you are in school,I did cut my hair really shot when I was 15 but after that went back to growing my hair again.

Of late I’ve been trying a few products to basically strengthen my hair,as I have coloured hair and I do my roots(touch ups) regularly and no matter how great the color looks on you,it’s quite damaging to your hair so lately I take a little extra care of my hair.I do think tho applying natural oil to your hair for atleast once a week  is the best thing that you can do for your hair.I don’t do this quite often but when I do,I can totally tell a difference.So anyway I came across this serum protectant for my hair and I thought I’d give it a try,so continue reading if you want to know what I think about it:)


Never heard of this brand before but the words “hydrating hair drink” caught my eye and I was curious to try it out because that’s exactly what I was looking for my colored hair.

Product Description:This deep conditioning protein treatment gives your seriously damaged hair a blast of dynamite. Fudge Dynamite Hair Rebuilder repairs your dry and chemically damaged hair restoring optimum health and shine.

This five minute all-in-one moisturising treatment penetrates into your hair structure, bonding, building strength and permanently improving condition and manageability. Always use in-between shampooing and conditioning.

My Review:This honestly made my hair look so much more healthier and soft.My sister noticed the difference and said my hair is looking great and that the crown area has volume and this from the very first time I used this.

My hair feels super soft after using this,I’m not quite sure about the volume yet but it does improve the texture of your hair and eliminates dullness and just gives that healthy look!Plus it smells so good I love the after scent that my hair has after using this.

How I use this:So I shampoo my hair and after washing my hair,I then take a small amount of this product and massage it into my scalp running the remaining product thru my hair and leave it for 5 minutes,many a times I skip conditioner post using this because I don’t want to put too many products on my hair which will actually weigh it down.So I use this product for deep conditioning and more like a protecting serum but you can use a conditioner after on your roots.

Results:Absoultely Amazing!If you are looking to improve the texture of your hair and for damaged hair this would definitely be something you would need in your shower.It brings fragile hair back to life!

The only con is it doesn’t do much to increase the volume of your hair.

I hope you liked this mini review:)

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