Product Empties 2017🎀-Part 1

Hey everyone!!!

I wanted to share with you all my product empties,these are the products I’ve loved and used up,some of them I’ve already repurchased and some I’m looking to buy soon.I have quite a few of them which is why I will do 2 blog posts dividing the products:) So I collect all my empties especially the ones I’ve loved and when I have a healthy amount I sit down and make a blog post.So let’s get started,shall we?


This scrub is from the Body Shop “Spa of the world range” and I absolutely love it,literally scrubs off all the dead skin and makes the skin super soft and smooth,I like using this scrub with the Body shop exfoliating gloves.

If you want to prevent ingrown hair use this scrub on regular basis especially before you wax or shave,it helps pull out the hair from it’s roots preventing ingrown hair problems.I have done a detailed review on this scrub,click
 here 🙂

2)Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask

I’ve been using this mask for over 2 years now and it never fails to impress me,I’ve lost count of the number of tubs I’ve gone thru,but I always have a backup because I can’t do without this mask.I use this once a week,sometimes twice.This product comes with a spatula so you scoop out the product and then apply a thick mask on your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes until it gets really dry and wash your face,you can instantly tell how fresh your skin feels,it makes the skin softer,radiant and smoother and reduces pores.Especially after a tiring day or if you have been in the heat for way too long and want to pamper your skin I can’t find a better product than this to recommend.It’s a must have!

3)Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Mask

I forgot how much I liked this until I went thru my empties,I did not get a chance to repurchase this yet.I used to use this in the night,it’s like a overnight mask that you apply on your face and wash it off the next morning,it has the consistency of a moisturiser probably a little thicker.This is a liquidy gel like texture and it regains surface everytime after use so it feels like you are using it the first time each time you open this up.I’m not quite sure if it helps with anti-aging tho I couldn’t quite tell the difference,but it does make skin firmer and really soft like a baby’s bottom.

4)Drops Of Youth Cream By the Body Shop

I bet you can tell my love for Body Shop from these product empties😀 but since the Body Shop is quite close to where I live I tend to drop by often and try out new products from there and majority of the times the products really work well for me.

I started using this cream when my skin was super sensitive and was reacting to almost everything that I was using at the time.So all I would apply on my face was this moisturiser as my skin didn’t react to it at all and infact it helped keep my skin moisturised.This product was a life saver at the time.

So there are my product empties,I will be doing another one soon as I have other products which are not from “Body Shop” to be specific;)

Thank you for reading!

Keep Shining🌟



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