Oldest Makeup Item I Own🎀

Hey everyone!!!

So after purging my makeup collection I found this palette which probably must be one of the first few Eyeshdaow Palettes that I bought when I just started playing with  makeup.I never really got rid of it because I loved the eyeshdaows in this palette and I always made space for this in my makeup cabinet,let’s just say since it was one of the firsts it was hard to let go of this.

Skylark Palette By Elle and Blair

Elle Fowler and Blair Fowler were the first makeup gurus on YouTube I suscribed to,so when they launched their own makeup line “Skylark” I was more than happy to try out the products I bought the Eyeshdaow Palette and 2 Lipglosses from their range.Unfortunately they are no longer in partnership with this brand and I don’t think they have their own makeup line anymore because of which this palette is no longer in production so you can’t really find this palette online anymore.I guess this is a vintage piece haha:) Yes the palette looks wretched and old now but I can promise it didn’t come like this,I’ve had this for years but it weeks after its release.

So the palette came with 

•6 eyeshdaows 

•1 highlighter

•Double ended makeup brush

Blisten” was my favourite Eyeshdaow in this palette,it looked gorgeous on the lids.”Nutmeg” was a really pretty crease color too.As you can obviously tell I lost the double ended brush although I don’t quite remember how well it worked but it was of a good size.”Satin Sparks” was a highlighter that I didn’t use quite often but I dropped this palette once and I broke this which is why it is empty.

It comes with a pretty good size mirror and at the time of release I thought the packaging was great with a cute little navy blue ribbon.The palette looks wretched and old now but I promise you it didn’t come like this😋 I’ve had this for years.Overall it was a great palette which is why I still have it to this day.

What is the oldest makeup item you own?Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading:)

Keep shining🌟




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