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What makes a woman beautiful?Of course it’s the inner beauty but also having beautiful skin makes you feel good and more confident.It’s all about finding comfort in your skin.Do you think you can only achieve beautiful skin with makeup and creams?Well if you said yes,then you are wrong!Of late,women are more open to spending more money on Skincare stuff rather than makeup to hide those imperfections.Well like I always say makeup enhances your natural beauty and to enhance that we need to have great skin.

Looking glamorous and getting all dolled up actually takes effort and time,so what about the days you just don’t want to have anything on your face and want to allow your skin to breathe?On these days we realise how important it is to take care of our skin and nurture it with the right products after all it is the largest organ of the body;)

Let’s start this off with products that you can find in your kitchen cabinet.

1)First off is Ice

I’ve done this plenty times and the skin feels great after.

How to apply:Don’t directly apply it over your face,use a cloth or tissue paper wrap the ice and roll it all over your face.This reduces redness and swelling.It basically just improves the blood circulation and improves the skin.

Quick tip:Do this before you apply your makeup,you will not only feel refreshed but you find that the makeup glides on better and stays longer!You can thank me later;)

So icing your face is something you can probably add to your list of “MUST Do’s”

This has come to my rescue Everytime my skin reacted and I couldn’t really figure the root of it.So i would just quit using every product out there for a bit and wake up in the morning and rub aloe all over my face.I don’t like the packaged aloe,I love the fresh ones.

How to apply:All you need to do is refrigerate it then peel the outer covering off and apply this all over your face,pressing it lightly under your eyes.This not only reduces the dark circles but depuffs your eyes.

If I start listing the benefits of applying this on your face there is way too many to mention but il just name a few to get you tempted to do this;)

•it reduces premature aging 

•gives a healthy glow to your skin

•makes the skin smoother

•has skin lightening properties

Did I just hear someone rush to the fridge to find aloe Vera?;) haha


Want to diminish your dark circles and are looking for something natural?Then potato juice is the way to go.

How to apply:Dip your cotton pad in the potato juice and apply it under your eyes and relax away or you can just keep the potato slices under your eyes.


It contains Vitamin A,B,C which helps reduce premature aging and wrinkles.

•Natural bleaching agent to reduce darkness gives a healthy glow to the skin

•Great for people with dry and irritated skin.

So this New Years how about trying out some natural ingredients in your kitchen cabinet to help improve your skin texture:)

Thank you for reading!

Keep Shining🌟



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